Bluetooth Access Control and Visitor Management

With VIZpin you can control access to multiple sites securely and inexpensively. VIZpin lets you send electronic keys to anyone with a Bluetooth phone, perfect for managing employees, contractors and vendors. The keys can be “One-Time” keys, great for events, or can last from 15 minutes to 15 years... and they can’t be copied. Change your mind? No problem, VIZpin electronic keys can be revoked easily anytime, from anywhere. And managing multiple locations is simple because your phone is your network and VIZpin works even when Wi-Fi and cellular networks don’t.

VIZpin Convenient Access.

  • Scalable. Build your system one door at a time – No limit on the number of doors.
  • Efficient. Improve convenience for employees, visitors, tenants, and contractors. Your phone is your key. With VIZpin you can send secure electronic keys to anyone, from anywhere at any time.
  • Secure. Limit risk associated with shared, lost or misplaced cards/keys. The encrypted VIZpin electronic keys use Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi, making them essentially impossible to hack or duplicate and unlike cards and keys, people don’t share their phones.
  • Affordable. Reduce operating expenses – Enterprise quality security at half the cost. VIZpin eliminates expensive panels, networks and wiring saving you on installation.

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