Incidents Happen...

An employee is being threatened by a colleague. An employee at a remote location has activated a panic alarm. A competitor has gained access to proprietary company research. The CEO’s office door was left unlocked… and his laptop is missing.

You need to deal with these incidents while they’re happening, and you need to document the who, what, when and where of these incidents for future reference.

Discover Perspective by PPM.

Perspective by PPM is an end-to end, total solution for responding to, reporting on and investigating incidents. It’s an invaluable knowledge base that will help you understand what’s happening… and why… so that you can manage resources, minimize impact and prevent incidents. How it fits your organization depends on the challenges you’re trying to address.

Choose your Perspective.

Four editions of Perspective are available. Choose the one that’s right for you based on the data (or event types) you need to manage.

  • Perspective AIR
    Basic incident management requires activity tracking and incident reporting.
  • Perspective SOC
    If you have a Security Operations Center, Perspective SOC adds dispatching.
  • Perspective ICM
    If you have investigators, Perspective ICM adds investigation and case management.
  • Perspective EIM
    For end-to-end coverage across dispatches, activities, incidents and investigations, Perspective EIM offers Enterprise Incident Management.

For more information on how to choose the best Perspective edition for your team call 866.790.0M3T (0638) or email an M3T Security Advisor.

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