Advantages of buying door hardware with your access control and/or intrusion package from The Security Risk Mitigation Company

Reasons to have a security/integration company provide and install your electro-mechanical door hardware:

- Many times, a General Contractor will offer a less costly price for a door hardware package based off engineer drawings. GC pricing may even be cheaper than the Security/Access Control company’s pricing. The problem that often occurs is that the GC does not have experience with the electrified hardware or door operators. Typically, they will have their door sub-contractors install the electrified hardware, but not hook up the power supplies, as they don’t have the experience. They will sub out the door operators to the door operator company. Finally, the Integration company comes in and installs the Access control/Intrusion system. By breaking this up among multiple contractors, often the system is not operational, as there is a lapse in scope of work between the door hardware and the Access Control companies. This problem can cost the owner more money and significantly more time on the project.

- Another item of concern in this situation is the warranty. When an issue arises, most of the problems are door hardware related. Many times, in a warranty/repair related issue, it can take a while to get fixed as there is confusion over what the problem is, and which contractor is responsible. The GC generally does not have the know how to troubleshoot or repair the door hardware. This could result in the owner being billed for work that was not in the Access Control/Intrusion company’s scope of work.

General Lapse of Scope Issues:

- Power supply installation/connection and integration with the electrified hardware

- Push plates to door operators not only who provides/installs them but integrating them with the electric lock

- Electrified hardware installation, to include door prep and door cords



- Though it may save a few dollars to purchase your electrified door hardware package from the GC, it can cost the owner more in the long run for repairs.

- In many instances, the GC’s usually do not have the right electrified hardware for the correct application, i.e. fail safe or fail secure, electric strike or magnetic lock or electrified locking hardware. This could result in valuable time and money wasted reordering new hardware.

- It’s better to leave your door hardware to a company that has many years of experience in choosing the right hardware for the application, integration of the electrified hardware and powered door operators with your Access control/Intrusion system, and warranties the install as a whole.


+ M3T has years of experience with door hardware and integrating with intrusion and access control

+ M3T will ensure that you have the right door hardware for the job

+ M3T will warranty the door hardware along with the integration


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