What Makes a Good Listener?

Listening is the most used but least understood component of the communication processes.  Yet, listening can be a learned skill that can be improved.  While listening is presumed to be a critical skill for successful Account Managers or Customer Representatives to build trust and open relationships with customers, it requires us to be mentally attentive and involves acknowledging their tone of voice, their word choice, and reading their body language.

Have you heard the phrase, “put yourself in my shoes”? At M3T Corporation, our team seeks to listen and understand all customers’ wants and desires.  As our team listens, they document notes and bring information back to share with the rest of the team to develop the customer solution.  M3T understands the importance of listening and feeling what our client is looking for in order to deliver high-quality service and, a great experience for the customer. Thank you for reading and please share your comments with us at

Aimee Mathin

Account Manager