How Questions Can Be a Key Part of Listening

Here at M3T Corporation, we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and their needs so we can ensure our solutions are meeting those needs.  Listening is a key part of this process and one of the most challenging at times.  It has to be done with an open mind and setting aside any personal solution preferences, to put yourself in their shoes and see their issues through our customers’ eyes so we can help them reach their goals.  While many industries have similar issues they may have unique circumstances to their particular location or organization and if I miss that I potentially miss a key issue that they have.

While authentic listening is needed to meeting the expectations of our clients asking the right questions is a part of that process.  We need to ensure that we ask the correct questions then genuinely listen to the responses to gather as much information as we can so we can develop the solution that will assist our clients in taking care of those that they in turn serve.  Thank you for reading and please share your comments with us at

Dave Bishop

Account Manager