How Do You Know You’re Making a Positive Difference?

Making a positive difference in someone’s business or personal life can be a unique and rewarding experience for both the giver and receiver. The first step in making that difference is to take the time to examine how we must act towards each person, so they know we are there to support them and that we have their best interest in mind. We are all uniquely made so we will respond differently to what someone else is doing for us or saying to us. What works for one will not always work for the mass. Once you find what “language” a person is speaking and hearing you can do the things that mean the most to them in given situations. For instance, one customer may require complete transparent honesty for a trusting relationship while another needs to trust that what they are telling you, you will act on. Another client may define a trusting relationship as always meeting schedules and doing what we say we will do. In contrast, if you’re unsuccessful in understanding or knowing what’s important to others you may never experience the relationship at its fullest potential. If you’re talking with a client about purchasing a certain solution just because as the seller you believe in the product or solution doesn’t mean the customer will. If the customer has the belief system that he should only purchase what is imperative, you’ll more than likely push them away. They will then lack the trust in you which makes for a neutral experience at best.

There are a number of Call to Actions that will make a positive difference or experience in the business. One method that M3T may do, as the client’s trusted security partner, is to hand-deliver goods sold to ensure the product gets to the customer correctly or when a sales presentation can only be done during the late evening hours because that’s the only time the community can meet. M3T staff takes great pride in going above and beyond when an opportunity presents itself. In that trust is built around the growing relationship.

We all buy into what we believe not necessarily what others say we should. This holds true whether it’s a thought, a belief, or the next best product out there. Once legitimate trust is involved, like in any good relationship, we are much more prone to adopt into what our trusted source is saying to do or not do.

Once you know what actions resonate with those you work with or service it can turn into a very positive relationship.

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Matthew Seymore

Account Manager