Building a Business Relationship Built on Trust.

There could be several hurdles to overcome when building trust in a personal or business relationship.  Placing your confidence in someone or something is not easy for anyone.  Without trust there is fear.  Trust can cement a relationship, bringing a sense of safety and certainty to everyone involved. It is important to understand these things while also considering the fact that trust can be built up over years, and then disintegrate in an instant. 

Overcoming some barriers put up by others in order to build trust may be accomplished by….

  • Being Honest.  Starting a relationship with honesty will bring a sense of ease to everyone in that relationship.  Interact with sincerity, and when you NEED someone to believe in you, it won’t be as hard to attain that belief. 
  • Keeping a promise.  If you say you are going to do something, follow through.    
  • Be transparent.  Make sure you lay out your intentions clearly and with kindness.
  • Help others.  Trust is not only built on what you say, but on your actions as well.  If you are watching someone giving aid to another, and they are not aware you are watching, it is instinctual to assume that person acts with kindness on a regular basis. 
  • Admit your mistakes or failures.  No one is perfect and we all know this.  Letting people know of your mistakes might make you feel they will think less of you. Usually that is not the case.  People tend to trust others who are willing to admit they have fallen short, or made mistakes, it is human. 
  • Speak kindly of others.  If you hear someone speaking ill of another.  You might automatically think well…. “What will he or she say behind my back?”.  That is not the type of impression you want to leave someone with. 
  • Take time out to listen to others.  If you don’t feel like you are being heard, how can you build trust. 
  • Treat others with respect.  It is as easy as, treating others as you would like to be treated.

These of course are only a few of the ways we can build or loose trust in a relationship.  It is work, but the results of a trusting relationship are well worth it.  Building trust in relationships must be an ongoing commitment.  Asking a customer to trust us is something we don’t ask for lightly at M3T, we will continually work to strengthen and gain your trust. 

Robin Orlando

Account Manager