Working Through Challenges and Mistakes

Life is never without personal challenges and obstacles. Everyone has to face situations they’re not prepared to handle and struggle to overcome. It’s sometimes difficult to look beyond these challenges and see hope. Even the most optimistic individuals falter under the strain and pressure from time to time. But we all can be resilient and strong when we want to be as it’s in our nature.  Personal, social, and professional challenges can be overcome or bypassed through determination and problem-solving skills.

The first step is accepting that the challenge and obstacle exists or that a mistake has been made. We also need to identify specifically what those obstacles and challenges are. We can’t defeat an enemy that you don’t know is there or that we’re just ignoring. Some challenges can be easy to identify and accept and others are more difficult. Accepting can be difficult because sometimes we’re unwilling to admit to mistakes. Some may even want to hold onto the obstacles in their life because of the fear of moving forward. A great way to overcome this problem is to talk it out with someone you can trust or has been in the same situation before. Surround yourself with a good network of people. No one can do everything on their own all the time. When you have that network of peers, or alike, you’ll start to realize just how many had or have all kinds of challenges and who have made a number of mistakes. One of the best measures of a person is admitting to mistakes, how you learn from them, and how you move forward from them. I heard someone say once if you’re not making mistakes you’re not doing anything. I believe that and the more you do and overcome the easier it is to swallow the mistakes and for people to overlook them.

Even when you identify the problem, it’s not easy to come up with a solution that always works the way you think it should. Listen to all the input from others and do your own research to give you the tools needed to make it through a challenging situation. Try to break the challenge down to what exactly is not working or is working. Focus on the positive aspects and what you do know for sure and build from that. This will simplify and may even put into perspective the challenge your facing. Come up with multiple solutions for the problem you’re facing. This will not only expand your mind and problem-solving ability but give you more options to choose from. If the first option was not as successful as you thought you would then have other possible solutions you can go back to.

When a challenging time comes your way look at it from a neutral standpoint, without any judgment, and stay calm. Challenges may be put in front of us for a reason. A challenge or obstacle may be trying to tell us something is not working or the road we’re taking may not be the correct one and therefore we must change or path. Always look at challenges and mistakes as a way for us to grow in our personal and professional lives.

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Matt Seymore

Account Manager