Working Through Challenges: COVID 19

Life is never without challenges, or mistakes.  What we are facing as a society today with COVID 19 might be the biggest challenge most of us have ever faced. 

With the current pandemic it might be hard to look beyond today and see hope.  We are faced with the fear of getting sick.  The fear of family, loved ones, and co-workers getting sick. We are being challenged with a change in our employment or lack of employment.  We might even be facing challenges with providing the basics for our families.   Some of our neighbors are suffering with increased mental challenges, such as depression and anxiety.  And some of our friends might be dealing with loss of life. 

We did not choose for this to happen, but we can choose how we act and respond to it.  We can try to work past the anger and move towards healing. Sometimes it might feel like we are trudging through quicksand but, we can lean on our personal strength, maybe faith, our friends, neighbors, loved ones, and co-workers. Let’s be there for each other.

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Robin Orlando

Account Manager