Maintaining Business Relationships

For some of us starting up new friendships/relationships, can be as easy as being stuck in a long line at the grocery store.  Next thing you know you are sharing photos of your kids.  But maintaining that friendship is where the work comes in.  Maintaining relationships in the business environment can be exceptionally tricky.

I always keep in mind I want to make a connection but keep it on a professional level.  I also try to remind myself all my clients are individuals, with different lives, issues, challenges, and experiences.  Not everyone loves it when I come bouncing through the door with my big pink lipstick smile and a loud HELLO!!  Each of my clients deserves to be treated in a way that makes them comfortable at their place of business.  I will do my best to be present as much as my clients are comfortable.  Not everyone likes to be communicated within the same manner.  

Listing is an imperative skill to have when developing and maintaining business relationships.  We all love to talk about ourselves, but that is not at all what my clients want from me.  They do not always need to know how my kids are driving me crazy.  They need me to listen to their needs and expectations.  They need me to listen about their growing, changing, developing, or slowing business and how I can help them with that. 

I think my clients are pretty awesome people, so I will continue to do my best to treat them as such.  I always try to meet or exceed my client’s expectations of how they would like to be treated by me. 

I know I fall short sometimes in my relationships at work.  But I promise I will do my best to continue to work on that, by treating all my prospects and clients, with honesty, dignity, and respect. 

Robin Orlando

Account Manager