Friendly Interactions While Maintaining A Business Relationship

Building relationships inside a business begins with those who you work with. Developing a relationship is essential whether you are a small or large global company, you must rely on teammates to help your business survive. At times it may be difficult however with the constant communication, it goes a long way.

One of the most important relationships that need a good amount of time and attention is the employer-employee relationship. This can involve creating an enjoyable company culture that may lead to the growth and efficiency of business operations. It is important to note that employer and employee relationships should be mutually respectful. Some employers keep their employees at a distance while others choose to have a friendlier, or more relaxed relationship, with their employees. Neither technique is wrong – but at the end of the day, there needs to be an understanding that the employer-employee relationship is a mutual one.

The second most important relationship is the relationship with the customers. Businesses cannot survive without customers. Maintaining your trust with your customers is essential to keeping your business thriving. The way you treat your current customers, as well as prospective ones with providing excellent customer service and that friendly relationship, may help maintain their business and trust. When I interact with a customer especially if I am following up on a recent project, I want the customer to feel comfortable and relax so they may provide feedback on our team and/or service. By doing so, you want to connect with the customer by switching the tone of your voice or attitude whether it’s via phone or e-mail, be friendlier rather than just a business partner (keeping it professional), and show them that not only do you care, but you’re someone they can easily express their concerns too.

I find this technique useful because I have noticed the relationship with my customers has changed from beginning to now. They are more comfortable reaching out and speaking to me about concerns or are willing to provide feedback. The friendly interaction with a customer and employer-employee while maintaining a professional business relationship, helps better ourselves as a team, and the comments from customers encourage/motivate us to continue to perform effectively for the client.

Aimee Mathin

Account Manager