The Importance of Keeping Security Programs Relevant

Whenever we do surveys and present proposals for new security-related systems or upgrades our account managers always discuss how the organization needs to have policies in place to support those systems.  Without those policies and procedures, any solution put in place will not reach its full potential for providing the outcomes that a client is looking for.   These solutions combined with those policies can assist with a client’s staff and customers’ buy-in and understanding the need for the various systems in place.

It is also very important to keep these security plans up to date, policies need to change and be adapted to the needs of the organization along with the solutions to be updated as technology is ever-evolving and new products become available.

Here at M3T, this is why we have committed to our clients to remain in touch.  Each account manager takes the time to get to know their clients’ needs and remains in contact with them to ensure the solutions we have put in place is working as expected and to assist in any way that we can, including keeping you up to date on what product changes have occurred and what the most recent best practices in the industry are.

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Dave Bishop

Account Manager