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Article Title The Ability to Grow and Change with Our Clients

Being an Account Manager for over 15 years I have learned a few things. One of them being the importance of how to grow and change our product or services, as my customers grow and change. 

Having clients that have been with us for a long time is a great gift.  It is very important that as an account manager I make sure we are still meeting the clients’ needs and expectations.  That means constantly analyzing the client’s business.  It is imperative to adjust my service offerings to meet the changing needs of my clients.  Sometimes it is my job to observe the change and to make the right suggestion of a new offering for my client.  For example; if I have a client that his or her business has grown 25% in the last 3 years, it is my job to see how this client functions with the new growth, and make sure the products and services we are offering meet the new expectations the client has.  Even though he or she did not say “can you please come by and take a look at how thigs work now, we have grown”.  It is my Job as an M3T account manager to be in contact with that client enough to recognize the change and react accordingly for the best interest of my client. 

Just because what was sold to a client a while ago was a perfect fit for them at the time.  Does not mean we expect that there will not have to change down the road.  As an account manager, it is my job to recognize any increase, decrease, slow down, etc. my client is going through and make the best suggestion for change.

I love being an account manager and building the type of relationship with my clients, where I can see change, make a suggestion that will best fit their new goals, and see it come to fruition with success.  I love my M3T clients. 

Robin Orlando

Account Manager