M3T Corporation Appoints Two New Managers

In the ever-changing and demanding electronic and cybersecurity environment, customers need focused care throughout the engagement, from initial design to ongoing service and support. M3T is pleased to announce the promotions of Markus Leogrande to Technical Solutions & Customer Care Manager and Tamara Metcalf to Procurement & Technician Manager.

Markus Leogrande – Technical Solutions & Customer Care Manager

Markus and his team are responsible for assisting Account Managers and Clients with shaping solution designs, ensuring clients are trained and satisfied with their solutions, and providing ongoing support through the solution lifecycle.  The Customer Care Team is composed of the Contract Compliance Coordinator and Design Engineering and Technical Services Teams.

Markus brings four years of expertise in serving clients as an Integrated Technology Specialist, Technical Services Engineer, and Technical Services Team Supervisor. He has an innate ability to work with customers of all knowledge and experience levels. He and his team assist clients to gain the most value from their systems while enhancing an organization’s safety and security.  

Tamara Metcalf – Procurement & Technician Manager

Tamara and her team are directly engaged in all our customer fulfillment efforts involving hardware & infrastructure, from installation to service on our ongoing preventative maintenance programs. The Procurement and Technician Team is composed of the Administrative Assistant II & Procurement, Integration Technician Team, and their supervisor, Chris Stoner.

M3T is grateful to have a team of focused, professional Integration Technicians who will now benefit from focused and professional managerial guidance and support. Tamara will be working closely with Chris to ensure the Integration Technician Team remains trained and certified in all our manufacturing partner systems as well as keeping them focused on the critical customer communications that occur every day.

Tamara has enjoyed an extensive eight-year career at M3T, most recently leading the Technical Services Team. In her various roles at M3T, Tamara has always worked closely with the Integration Technicians. Her knowledge of the industry, clients, and M3T solutions will now be directed towards supporting our most critical assets, the Integration Technician Team.