The Benefits of Security Equipment As A Service (SEaaS)

What is SEaaS?

Security Equipment as a Service is an agreement that bundles your solutions and support services into a monthly subscription payment.

Unlike traditional methods of acquisition, SEaaS doesn’t end in ownership. Instead it allows you to have access and use technology that is current and up to date. It provides flexibility when your organization grows or needs a change.

SEaaS is the popular choice due to the rapid advancements in technology the need to upgrade obsolete equipment more frequently. You can pay for your assets while staying competitive and agile in the marketplace.

SEaaS is also the environmentally friendly and sustainable way to acquire new technology.

The Benefits of SEaaS:

  • Creates Favorable Economics

Security solutions start to depreciate the day after installation. Service Shield by M3T absorbs the non-recoverable costs.

  • Embraces the Rapid Advancement of Technology

The growth of technology shows no sign of slowing down and it can be a challenge to stay at the forefront. SEaaS promotes the use and access procurement method.

  • Insures Essential Use Technology & Provides Peace of Mind

Insure the technology that protects your companies, employees, confidential information, etc. It’s too big of a risk not to. Service Shield by M3T eliminates additional service call expenses by including them as part of the monthly subscription.

  • Addresses the COVID-19 Budget Pressures

COVID-19 has placed budget restrictions on all of us and we look into an uncertain future. SEaaS helps you address these budget pressures by offering a predictable, manageable month to month payment plan.

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