The Three Tiers of Access Control

Does your company want to stay competitive and agile in the marketplace, but they do not have the budget to update their security solutions as often as other companies?

This is why we created Service Shield by M3T.

Service Shield by M3T allows you to bundle your solutions and support services into a convenient monthly payment.

This opportunity provides flexibility to your company by bringing you access to technology that is current and up to date.

You won’t be using obsolete equipment anymore.

Service Shield by M3T offers three tiers of Access Control security solutions: Business, Professional, and Business Premium.

Business Tier:

Moving away from mechanical keys

fobs and card reader for business tier
  • For companies that want to move to access controlled doors with fobs or ID cards
  • Includes software or app-based control over your doors

Professional Tier:

Delivers a complete access control solution to the doorway

  • Includes Business Tier features
  • Additional Features – door position information and forced or held open door alarms
  • Battery backup in the event of power loss

Business Premium :

Our most comprehensive access control solution

Perfect for organizations that consider their access control system mission critical

business premium fobs and card reader
  • Offers electromechanical locking which is more reliable and last longer than the more common electric locking (used in the previous tiers)
  • Great for high-use doorways
  • With Business & Professional Tier features
  • Additional Benefits – rekeying door cylinders and hard-wired power supplies with full battery backup

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