Relationship Management Targeted to Exceed Expectations

Building a partnership with our clients at M3T is part of our daily mission. It is also our goal to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

In order to meet and exceed our client’s expectations, we need to build a strong relationship with our clients. 

We want to make our clients feel like partners. 

Therefore, listen and understand what the client’s needs are.   We need to be responsive to our client’s requests and be active participants and helping our client meet their goals. 

Building a relationship with our clients is one task.  Equally as important is maintaining that relationship. 

M3T has a team of Account Managers that has the task of managing our business relationship with our clients. 

A few of the musts in developing our business relationships are…

  • Developing mutual respect: As an account manager at M3T, it is of utmost importance to show my clients respect.  We all deserve to be respected and treated as such in our places of business.  Some days that might be harder than others, but it is a basic principle I feel we must follow. 
  • Understanding our client’s goals: If we do not understand our client’s goals, how could we possibly build and maintain a relationship with our clients?  We need to listen, observe, and ask questions until we completely understand what our client’s goals are. We need to be honest and ethical with our suggestions for what we can do to help our clients meet those goals
  • Being professional and ethical: I am a little “old school” when I speak of being professional, I believe it is not only the way I present myself but also my appearance.  My clients should expect when I show up for a visit that I should look like a professional, security consultant.  I should conduct myself with high moral and ethical standards. 

Building and managing customer relations is the absolute most favorite part of my job at M3T. 

It is not always easy, but it is critical to our success and maintaining and growing our client base.