Measuring Performance with Surveys

Within almost any organization there is some form, either formal or informal, of evaluation matrix or appraisal of employees’ performances throughout any given time period.  

But how do companies measure their performance with the clients they service? 

For most of business history, it was based on pure revenue generation.  If the client is a repeat client then they must be happy right? 

But as times have evolved and customer service has evolved with it so have our methods of engaging with clients and measuring the performance of not only staff but as a company holistically. 

It is not uncommon now to purchase something and receive an email with a survey request or even a survey request printed right on the receipt you are given. 

As M3T Corporation evolves with the times and our clients, we, as account managers, communicate with our clients to ensure we are meeting their expectations. We use surveys to assist in measuring that performance. 

Some of the questions we look forward to hearing responses to are:

  • How happy are you with us in general?
  • How would you rate the products you receive?
  • What services do you wish we provided but don’t at this time?
  • How can we improve our service to you?

Along with other questions and our regular communication with our clients, we strive to always evolve and improve in any area that we can.

Dave Bishop

Dave Bishop

Account Manager