Biometric Readers – What are they? What are the Benefits?

Biometric readers are any devices that read the identity of a person by comparing an attribute of their physiological being or behavioral traits against a sample database.

Some examples of physiological attributes include fingerprints, face recognition, DNA, iris recognition, retinal scan, palm print, and blood vessel. 

Some examples of behavioral traits include, but are not limited to, walking gait, voice print, and typing rhythm. 

Biometric readers can come in many different types. The most common types of Biometric readers are Facial Recognition, Hand Geometry, Fingerprint, and Iris Recognition. 

The number of companies that utilize Biometrics in their access control systems increases daily. 

What are the Benefits of Biometric Readers? 

Some of the major benefits associated with using Biometrics in your access control system:

  • Accurate Identificationbiometric authentication can provide a more accurate level of security.  Biometric readers require a unique form of identification that is very difficult to duplicate or forge.
  • Access Accountabilitybiometric readers can create a distinct and lucid audit trail connecting an individual to a particular event or action.  An individual could be held accountable as the proof would be more compelling.
  • Increased Security a long-term security solution that is safe and secure.  It provides a more enhanced degree of security in comparison to traditional security methods.
  • Improved Convenience biometric authentication is convenient as passwords, cards, and ID badges get lost or stolen.  There is no need to reset passwords or issue new cards or badges.  Biometric readers are very user friendly.
  • Accommodation of Growthan advantage of biometric authentication is the scalability.  The systems are very flexible and can easily accept additional employee data.  Security can grow as the company grows.
  • Return on Investment with the updated technology of biometric readers, fraud, card sharing, and “buddy punching” can be avoided while lower other costs as payroll.  With the accuracy and ease of use of the biometric readers, productivity is increased, Management time decreased, and work hours are effectively utilized.   These are all contributing factors that will increase the company’s return on investment.

Selecting the best biometric reader is an important factor for a successful biometric deployment, whether it is a government, enterprise, or small business project. 

Choosing from the many available biometric devices can be a very difficult task as there are various makes, models, and levels of quality.

It is important to keep in mind what the unique requirements are for your facility or company. 

When it comes time to make your selection, considering certain factors like quality, international standards, proper certifications, usability, and compatibility will help you to determine which biometric reader or device will be the best and the most appropriate for your needs.

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Jason Elder

Estimating & Account Manager Teams Supervisor