Power Supply: Vital to Your Success

Power plays a vital role in a successfully functioning Access Control System.  It might not seem as such, but the decisions made on the power supply are critical to the system working or not.  

For the most part, an access control system itself acts as the main source of power supply for readers.

However, depending upon the need, power requirements can be different for the various parts of an access control system: card readers, biometric readers, turnstiles, etc.

There is the need for additional external power sources to be chosen to ensure the successful functionality of the system. 

An installer needs to calculate the total load for the installed access readers as well as their controller modules. This calculation ensures there is an adequate supply of clean and efficient power.

External Power Supply Selection Considerations

The criteria for selecting additional power supplies include:  

  • Type of power supplies for the system infrastructure (PoE or analog)
  • Type of operating voltage of the access readers (AC or DC)
  • The total power requirement of the entire system.
  • The locations of the power supplies throughout the system
  • The number of power supply outputs needed to handle all the components.
  • The requirement of battery back-ups specifically for the readers, and whether UPS back-up has been specified for the system.
  • The type, thickness, and length of cable, as voltage drop is always an important consideration.

Other components such as magnetic locks, strikes, and request-to-exit devices also have specialized power requirements.

The diversity of access control power needs means a variety of power solutions. There are systems that include one or two doors up to systems that include hundreds of doors.

Also, networked IP access control systems often use PoE midspan injectors which ensure adequate power delivery to networked IP system components.

At M3T Corporation, our technicians are trained to make the correct decisions on power supply needs, requirements, and installation for the access control systems we recommend and install for our clients. 

You can be confident that the access control systems we install will meet the power supply requirements needed for your personal system. The installation will be professional and accurate for the successful functionality of the system.

Robin Orlando

Account Manager