What is OSDP and How Does it Relate to Your Access Control System?

Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is a communication standard that was developed by the Security Industry Association (SIA). 

The goal is to improve interoperability between access control systems and the security products that interact with those systems. 

Many manufacturers have adopted OSDP and have been using it for years.

In May of 2020, OSDP was approved as an international standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Because of this, it is expected to continue to be adopted and used globally in the future. 

What are the Advantages of Open Supervised Device Protocol?

1. Interoperability: The ability to understand information from other systems and make use of the information for implementation or access.  You will be able to select from devices across different manufacturers to fill your needs and they will work with the access control system.

2. Ease of Use: Encryption and authentication are predefined and therefore do not need to be programmed along with the low cost of implementation on embedded devices.

3. Advanced Built-in Security: Higher security is built into OSDP when compared to other common communication protocols. It supports high-end, AES-128 encryption which is now required in federal government applications. All facilities can benefit from this because OSDP constantly monitors wiring to protect against threats.

4. Advanced Functionality: OSDP supports advanced smartcard technology including meeting FICAM (Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management) standards and biometrics. 

5. Supports Advanced User Interfaces: OSDP can support systems such as welcome messages broadcasted through audio devices and text prompts through visual devices.

ethernet cable pulled in

Overall, OSDP will continue to be used by more systems and devices as time goes on.

It will bring advantages to all facilities and open up options and functions for you. It can make your card access system more secure, easier to operate, and simpler to maintain.

Dave Bishop

Dave Bishop

Account Manager

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