On-Premise Security Solutions

On-premise solutions provide predictable, comprehensive assurance for your company.

Types of On-Premise Security:

Today, we will focus on the On-Premise Access Control Systems and the benefits compared to cloud-based Access Control.

What is Access Control? 

In its most basic sense, access control is any method of preventing unauthorized entry.  Generally used in the security industry, access control is a technology-enabled method for preventing and permitting entry through a door, building, or system. 

It guarantees users have the appropriate access permission to an organization’s data or premises.

Some access control systems (ACS) such as those that use biometrics, also authenticate users, which means they establish that users are who they say they are.

access control & credential systems

Access control systems keep buildings safe and secure by authorizing specific types of access for designated users.

They allow security managers, admins, and receptionists to secure restricted areas and keep track of who enters and leaves specific parts of the premises.

An on-premise access control system is just that – on your facilities’ premises – all the hardware, software, and other necessary equipment for your system installed and maintained from your physical business location. 

Benefits of an On-Premise Access Control System

The On-Premise deployment of an access control entry system does have its benefits when it comes to securing a facility.

Whereas cloud systems are easier and more cost-effective to manage, on-premise systems provide you with additional security and control over your data.

With cloud systems, third-party servers could have access to your data. Also, if you need to access records of who was in your building, you are entirely reliant on the quality of your internet connection.

On-premise deployment avoids these issues completely. You have physical control over server hardware for your keyless entry systems, allowing you to update hardware and wiring as needed.

No matter the state of your Wi-Fi, you will be able to access your data without internet access.

Because all of your data is stored directly under your control and in your facility, third-party vendors will not be able to access any of your records.

If you are searching for an Access Control System that is deployed on-premise, there are several options available.

Points to Remember with On-Premise ACS

  • Installed locally, on a company’s computers and servers.
  • Software is installed on the organization’s computers, but the company is responsible for customizing the solutions.
  • Data security is in the hand of the organization.
  • Supports less automation.
  • Can Be a disconnected security tool.
  • The user has the End-to-end security responsibility of the system.
  • The user is responsible for backup data manually. The user should ensure updates, and other routine maintenance are done and are applied to servers or software for smooth function of the system.
  • Can only be accessed on-premise unless remote access is established.
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