Tailgating: 5 Ways to Mitigate the Risks

Tailgating is one of the most common and unwitting physical security breaches in workplaces. For most people, holding a door open for a colleague, a uniformed delivery man carrying multiple packages, or a visitor without a badge is considered polite and common courtesy. In contrast, closing the door on the person behind you or asking for someone’s credentials before letting them in could come across as rude. But the blind trust and kindness that we often defer to can increase the risk of unauthorized entry, leaving your companies vulnerable to potential loss and damages.

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According to Security Magazine, 71% of participants considered tailgating a serious breach, with more than half admitting a breach could cost their company $500 million in losses or more. Ensuring only authorized individuals gain access to facilities is paramount for not only the safety of workers but for their health due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

5 ways to mitigate the risks of an unauthorized individual gaining access to your spaces:

1 – Strengthen Access Control

Access control is the first line of defense against tailgating, and it is one of the most efficient ways of managing the risks of tailgating; however, some automated access control systems only control whether or not a credential opens a door, not how many people enter the building when a credential is presented. This is particularly true at doors that handle a high volume of visitor and employee traffic. Alcatraz Rock tailgating intelligence mitigates this risk. Long scanning ranges and large field views allow Alcatraz to effectively detect tailgating. Through auto-tagging and real-time notifications, the Alcatraz Rock enables administrators to immediately address concerns. 

2 – Leverage Analytics

Data from access control systems can drive smart security decisions and improve workplace operations while reducing costs. Having the right analytics allows companies to proactively put processes and controls in place to mitigate security risks and prevent future incidents. Alcatraz AI analytics provides not only the number of incidents occurring but also the location at which the event is detected. By pinpointing where threats are happening in real-time, companies can automate their access control rules to secure these spaces and future-proof their systems going forward. The ability to view tailgating and crossing trends of employees and visitors improves your physical security posture.

3 – Perform a Security Audit

Maintaining a robust security system for your facility or campus should be a top priority of the leadership team. By performing a routine audit, security teams can identify vulnerabilities in the workplace before issues arise and help determine what areas must be protected. Identifying entrances that pose a greater risk for tailgating, such as a lobby entrance door, allows teams to take action at the right places and secure high traffic areas. 

4 – Build Awareness

Successful security is a group effort – facilities cannot solely rely on security mechanisms and access control solutions to mitigate the risks of tailgating. Organizations should facilitate a culture of security, such as training employees on security awareness and the risks that are created through breaches in physical security. By doing so, organizations empower their employees to make the right decisions at entrances and challenge unfamiliar faces if needed.

5 – Forensic Analysis

At any moment during a security breach, the more information a security team has about an offender and his or her actions can help the team manage and resolve the situation more efficiently and safer. The Alcatraz Rock tailgating intelligence system allows users to run reports in their ACS, the same way they do it to gain insight into a tailgate event. Our admin portal allows users to see details about the event that no other system can offer – pictures of the offender, taken from the most ideal position-at face height right next to the door. Our system can also identify the person who “held” the door, if applicable to the situation. This level of detail allows security teams to confront and resolve security breaches effectively and efficiently. 

Tailgating is a frequent physical security issue, but with these five tips, you and your company can reduce the occurrences, one by one, and make spaces safer for everyone. To learn more about the Alcatraz Rock tailgating intelligence solution or watch Alcatraz videos, visit us here.

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Written by our Partners at Alcatraz