Salto Virtual Network Technology

The SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) provides the flexibility for an access control system to grow from just a few doors to as many doors and users as required.

It allows stand-alone locks to read, write, and receive information by an encrypted data-on-card system that utilizes RFID read/write technology.

In SVN, access data is stored on and distributed by a smartcard. When a smartcard is presented to an offline stand-alone door, it has control access right at the door but has two-way communication as well. The door will also write data like blacklist information and battery status back to the smartcard.

Then the smartcard transmits the information from the door back to the server via online wall readers that can update and receive information from the card anytime anywhere in the building. 

Data Transmission (online):

Smartcard to the System by a Reader:

  • User access event
  • Visited door battery status

Wall Reader to a Smartcard:

  • Deleted card list
  • Updated user access rights
  • Expiry date renovation


  • Add or delete users remotely
  • User profiles updated easily
  • Dynamic event audit trail
  • Remote stand-along device battery status report
  • Expiry date renovation
Access at Offline Point - SVN

Data Transmission (offline):

Smartcard to a Cylinder:

  • Delete cards list
  • User access rights

Wall Reader to a Smartcard:

  • Access event
  • Battery status

Main Features & Benefits of SVN Data-On-Card

SVN Data-on-card is cost-effective, quick, and easy to install and upgrade from traditional, mechanical key-operated door locks. You don’t even need to replace the door. Additionally, it is very easy to maintain.

It enhances security for any type of door by eliminating key management issues and authorization changes in real-time from any access point.

SVN manages all stand-alone access points remotely from one or more workstations. There are more than 10 different opening modes to suit your needs.

Data-on-card is Secure! In case of power failure, the system keeps functioning because it is a stand-alone electronic locking system.

Want to learn more about Salto Virtual Network Technology? Reach out to our team. We’d love to teach you some new things about security.

Josh Novosel

Josh Novosel

Technical Support Specialist