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M3T Corporation
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Who We Are

M3T Corporation is a veteran-owned small business focused on providing our clients with professional security consulting, solution design, and implementation both in the physical and cyber security realms.

M3T is a leader in providing integrated security solutions and delivering the utmost value to our clients. We understand the unique needs of our clients and provide unbiased, value-added solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. M3T is committed to ensuring the security of our client's personnel, property and assets.

We’ve found in most cases we end up doing business with companies that have grown to trust us enough to tell us their problems. Businesses have a variety of challenges, so certainly we cannot help every business we meet. But if their problems are related to securing and maintaining their facilities, personnel and computer networks, our history has shown we have helped clients reduce costsincrease profitability and mitigate risks. Every dollar they invest with M3T should contribute towards this result.

We help our clients attain their investment objectives in five different channels: system integration (video surveillance, access control, badging, intercoms), hardware integration (door hardware, keying/locksmith, safes/vaults), automatic access integration (powered pedestrian doors & vehicle gates), technical services and cyber security (network services & security assessments), and service integration (maintaining client systems in our areas of expertise).

And finally, we have aided our clients with solutions that provide operational improvements to their businesses such as leveraging low cost cloud based technology to provide personnel & visitor tracking as well as video hosting and managed access solutions. Does your business have problems in areas where we may be of assistance?


Our Credo

We are entrusted with solving problems for our customers so they can operate their organizations in a safe, secure, and efficient manner. In meeting customer needs, everything we do must be of a high quality, executed in accordance with the laws and highest moral principles, completed promptly and accurately so a reasonable price is charged and a sound profit is made.

We possess a selfless sense of duty that demands excellence of ourselves and of those with whom we work. We are accountable for all our actions; both those that lead to success, and to those that end in failure. When we attain our goal we shall raise our expectations; when we fall short, we shall rise up and try again.

We possess an abundant mentality towards business and life; we know that business cycles fluctuate yet there are countless organizations that still need our services. We must be innovative and experiment with new products and services – always working to provide our clients with more value. In doing so, we provide ourselves with job security helping us to fulfill our familial responsibilities.


Expectation Guarantee.
You’re going to be pleased.

We bring exceptional products and unparalleled solutions to our clients, pushing the boundaries of innovation and resourcefulness because we want to exceed your expectations. With M3T’s Expectation Guarantee, you can be confident that we stand behind our products and are committed to providing you with a superior client experience. And, in the unlikely event your results don’t match our promises, we’ll work with you to resolve the issue quickly and professionally. If you’re not pleased… We haven’t done our job. It’s that simple.

World class security solutions


With M3T's Expectation Guarantee, you can be confident that
we stand behind our products and are committed to providing you with a superior experience.