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20th Anniversary Welcome Letter from the President

Welcome to our 20th Anniversary year. It seems like a short time ago that M3T Corporation was founded. Back then, our industry relied on a variety of methodologies and technologies that today have been surpassed by solutions that emphasize efficient usage as well as cost-efficiency. This milestone is a credit to our innovative team tirelessly working with our manufacturing partners, to evolve as our challenges and opportunities changed. More importantly, there is an overwhelming appreciation for all our clients that have trusted us through the years to make those necessary technological and strategic changes in their systems. They can say today, they are operating on current technologies and benefiting from them in all manners possible.

2020 finds M3T Corporation more robust than we have ever been in total clients served and the current staff we offer to serve them. Increase does not equate to excellence unless achieved with greater ease and efficiency. With this goal in mind, M3T has successfully deployed an operating and communications system which allows all our staff to work on the same software platform. For our clients, this means our ability to respond efficiently and effectively to your needs has greatly increased. Continuing to invest in our future included implementing an Integration Technician Certification Program. This program which is a driving force in our never-ending pursuit of efficiency culminates with our technicians being certified to work across all our solution lines. No single investment in recent years should benefit the M3T ecosystem of partners and clients more than this training program.

What got us here –19 years successfully in business – with a robust record of customer retention?

We possess a selfless sense of duty that demands excellence of ourselves and of those with whom we work. We are accountable for all our actions; both those that lead to success, and to those that end in failure. When we attain our goal, we shall raise our expectations; when we fall short, we shall rise up and try again. This from our Company Credo.

Today, our team is younger, more diverse and more dynamic than ever. We are operating in an exciting and dynamic time as our organization expands both our premise-based system clients and our cloud-based system clients. Our managed services approach to supporting these systems is benefiting clients by providing them stable subscription services, preventative and proactive support services accompanied with defined response times, and readily available remote support.

Again, we thank you all who have made this company and our accomplishments possible. Be assured that we will never lose focus on why we are here – to actively assist professional organizations in running their facilities more safely and securely. As we often say, we do important work for serious clients – above all, thank you for your continued trust. May you all have a wonderful 2020.

John Maffey, CPP, PSP

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