Amika Mobile


Critical & Emergency Communications Control and Notification

When an emergency strikes, whether it is an airport fire, an Amber Alert, an approaching hurricane, toxic chemical spill or a massive power blackout at a sports center, it is essential that situational awareness, communications and control with affected parties be established as quickly as possible. Amika Mobile has developed the world's first WiFi-integrated emergency mass notification system that can auto-discover networked user devices and targets alerts to their location, supports 2-way response and seamlessly integrates with physical systems to trigger event actions such as lockdowns.

The Amika Mobility Server (AMS) is a software platform for onpremise, cloud or hybrid operations, fully scalable for both small and large deployments up to millions of users. AMS captures, disambiguates and manages disparate events from physical security systems such as access control, fire or gas panels triggering targeted or location-based alerts to groups or en masse. AMS alerts over 20 layers including SMS, MMS, email, desktop, laptop, tablets, Smartphone pop-ups, VoIP, Callouts, Fax, paging, PA, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, etc. Mobile devices, desktops, overheads and message boards are all simultaneously alerted. AMS monitors regional weather with, NAADS or NOAA, and relays CAP alerts. AMS is ideal for communities, hospitals, airports, sports arenas, shopping centers and campuses whose visitors are not always pre-registered in a contacts database.

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