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Information security issues – such as data breaches or employee misconduct—are a constant challenge for organizations, as they not only put sensitive data at risk, but can also cost your company time, revenue, and resources. Each organization must identify and implement security policies, standards, guidelines, processes, procedures, and best practices to protect its information assets while assuring its goals and objectives are being met. M3T helps to provide a framework for developing and maintaining an organizations information security program (ISP), which must be a business core value. The components of the ISP provide value to an organization’s business by ensuring the reliability, integrity, and confidentiality of the information used by the organization and improves the robustness of an organizations’s technology infrastructure overall.

M3T aids in the development of consistent, well designed security policies through:

  • Engagement. A discussion of compliance standards specific to your industry.
  • Assessment. A review of your internal policies and controls followed by a detailed report of how your firm measures against accepted standards and requirements.
  • Remediation. A programmatic approach to the application of solutions that seamlessly interact within your business work flow and environment.
  • Maintenance. An ongoing and long term relationship to assure your ISP remains compliant within the dynamic legal and business environment of your specific industry.

A successful information security program supports business and aligns with the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives.

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