Video Surveillance

Reduce Loss, Gain Visibility, and Ensure Optimum Performance

M3T’s on-premise video recording is deployed for a variety of reasons: HD quality is needed on more than 12 cameras, camera counts are exceedingly higher than a cloud system can handle from one site (connectivity dependent), compliance or regulatory reasons to keep video recordings away from the public cloud, and limited viewers/video users.

We understand that clients may want the functionality of web access for some cameras but not for others. We craft our on-premise systems to meet the specific needs of the client: from sizing recording resources to matching availability standards to providing site video viewing stations from a single monitor to a full video wall.

Our clients benefit from our approach – tell us what you need and the constraints we are working under; be they cyber or regulatory or operational. We’ll work to meet your needs and then support the system with reoccurring SSA (System Support Agreement) visits and frequent training offerings.