Migrate To Lenel OnGuard.

Lenel delivers Open, Choice, Proven to Legacy Casi Micros & Infographics Customers.

Lenel is streamlining their product portfolio to deliver you world-class integrated access and video products. OnGuard® is the foundation of all Lenel products going forward. They are providing multiple options to evolve legacy systems — Picture Perfect, Facility Commander Wnx, Diamond II, Sapphire, Topaz and Summit — to OnGuard Systems. In addition to a cost-effective rmware-based migration approach, Casi Micros & Infographics customers can simply swap-out Micro and ACU boards with a Mercury solution. Authentic Mercury hardware is supported by more than twenty access control software companies. OnGuard integrates with over 100 third-party partners and more than 200 products. Moving to OnGuard and Mercury opens up a world of possibilities.

Flexible migration options: One destination – several paths.

Continue to leverage existing cards, readers, door interfaces, wiring infrastructure and Supervised F2F protocol. Mercury bridge option supports downstream Micros.

Cost-effective Options

Remote firmware flash: PXNplus-based and ACUXLplus hardware

  • Casi Micros & Infographics ACUs: PXNplus, DirecDoor™ and ACUXLplus controllers, with type II or type III SIMM, can be flash-updated to OnGuard-compatible firmware

In-field SIMM chip replacement: PXNplus-based and ACUXLplus hardware

  • Casi Micros & Infographics ACUs: Replace the SIMM in existing PXNplus, DirecDoor and ACUXLplus controllers with a SIMM that has OnGuard-compatible rmware
Open Options

Simple Mercury retrofit panel solution: Open Authentic Mercury ‘bridge’ hardware

  • Casi Micros: Mercury boards with retrofit form-factor directly replace all Micro boards (M5 CPU, option modules, M2000 and DirecDoor) and cost-effectively support downstream Micros
  • Infographics ACUs: Mercury boards with retrofit form-factor directly replace all ACU boards (ACURS/RT and ACUXL/XLplus), while supporting existing ACU reader expansion and I/O hardware

Standard Mercury hardware to replace legacy hardware: Open Authentic Mercury hardware

  • Take full advantage of the complete OnGuard/Mercury feature set
  • Provides opportunity to modernize reader/card technology (OSPD reader support, etc)

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