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Smart and Seamless Integration For Your Security Environment.

Often disparate security systems such as video or badge creation can be merged into one easy to use platform that provides users with an efficient tool in managing their facility status and security.

Security Management Software (SMS) is a robust software platform that combines multiple security functionalities such as access control, video surveillance, badging, intrusion detection and intercoms into one interface.

  • SMS provides users feedback based on configuration thereby greatly enhancing the overall size and scope of what one user can monitor or be responsible for.
  • SMS is a scalable platform mirroring your organizations' needs and growth in size and scope.
  • SMS typically is the keystone of most M3T application designs for when you begin security planning with the end in mind; in most applications SMS achieves the investment objectives.
  • M3T features Lenel OnGuard® as the preeminent SMS product.

Aggregate, visualize and share disparate data from diverse aspects of your system
seamlessly and coherently.

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