Simudyne's ProactIVE


Preparation is Not Optional... You Must be Ready.

It takes just minutes for a threatening situation to become a serious crisis; one that is so complex and outside of any normal preparedness training that it will have implications for the survival of your organization.

Take any unexpected scenario, be it business interruption from severe weather to a violent attack on your office building; what would be the effect on your organization, on your business? How would it respond; how resilient is it?

In the real world, you can’t train for every scenario, but in Simudyne’s ProactIVE virtual environment, you can prepare for any scenario imaginable. Using our award-winning IVE software, ProactIVE creates an easy-to-use simulated
world—2D or 3D. This world uniquely matches your own, with technology that integrates and cooperates with your existing systems.

Here is where you plan, prepare and conduct exercises—from low level disruptions to serious disasters—by collaborating over networks, with users interacting naturally through data, voice, and action within the simulation.

Designed to complement real world training, ProactIVE allows you to play out “what if” scenarios in a custom engineered ‘theatre’ within which your facilities, operations, policies, and plans are not only accurately represented but function as they would in the real world. This is where you spot and solve problems before they cost both lives and money.

We are all vulnerable. Better Prepare.

  • Plan. Simulation technology to help you assess and reduce risks.
  • Protect. Improves protection for people, assests and profit.
  • React. Be prepared, act quickly and effectively.
  • Respond. The resilience to face any future in an ever changing world.

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