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VAHMS (Video Access Hosted Managed Services) is a customizable, and cost-effective video surveillance and access control system that is perfect for any organization. This cloud-based technology helps you improve security and provide employees with peace of mind, without the hassles and costs associated with administering, maintaining and hosting your own Access Control and/or Video Surveillance System.


VAHMS Access Control

VAHMS Access Control has a full spectrum of access control solutions, ranging from a Hosted model which empowers companies to remotely control their own security tasks in real-time via the Internet, to a Managedsolution which turns over all security responsibilities to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), to somewhere in between. Get the solution that's just right for your specific business. This level of innovation translates into significant advantages in flexibility and scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and training costs compared with traditional systems.


Having the ability to view, record and archive digital video footage is essential for business security in any environment where people or property are involved. VAHMS Hosted Video limits your investment to the camera(s) and an Internet connection, instead of having to maintain the recording and monitoring station locally. View one or multiple sites over any Web browser through a single login. Recorded video is safely stored in the cloud and accessible at your convenience.

Have a multi-site location? VAHMS Static Display allows for continuous viewing of up to 12 cameras at the same time on the same screen – no separate login required.



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