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VAHMS Cloud Hosted Security

VAHMS Cloud Hosted Security

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VAHMS Access Control

VAHMS Access Control has a full spectrum of access control solutions, ranging from a Hosted model, which empowers companies to remotely control their own security tasks in real-time via the Internet, to a Managed solution, which turns over all security responsibilities to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), to somewhere in between. Get the solution that's right for your specific business. This level of innovation translates into significant advantages in flexibility and scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and training costs compared with traditional systems.

VAHMS Intrusion Services

VAHMS Intrusion seamlessly integrates with VAHMS Access Control creating one easy to use interface. Users can readily arm or disarm zones remotely, authorize system users, bypass trouble zones, or get real time alerts from system inputs. All of this data is delivered to your Internet connected device AND to a UL Approved Central Monitoring Station. The situational awareness capabilities of the VAHMS Access Control platform for occupied buildings is extremely robust. Coupled with VAHMS Intrusion service, your facility can be protected around the clock for real-time situation response. VAHMS Intrusion fits this need exceptionally well without adding another platform to manage or maintain.


Having the ability to view and record digital video footage is essential for safety and security in businesses and schools. Many organizations are now using video for operational efficiencies, as well as tracking customer behavior. VAHMS Video limits your investment to the camera(s) and an Internet connection, instead of having to maintain the recording and monitoring locally. View one or multiple sites with any Web browser on any device through a single login. HD quality recorded video is safely stored in the VAHMS Security Cloud. Lost Internet connections or large camera systems are no problem; our solution can dual stream HD video locally to optional equipment and to the VAHMS Security Cloud for one flat rate.

Have a large monitor for camera display? VAHMS Static Display allows for continuous viewing of up to 12 cameras from any site at the same time on the same screen.

VAHMS Video Intercom

Remotely releasing a door lock or triggering a vehicle gate to open based on a voice only exchange is dangerous and unaccountable. VAHMS Video Intercom provides a mobile platform on which any door or gate intercom station can be set to communicate with any Smartphone, SIP or IP phone, or a dedicated Master station. These answering stations all support a live bidirectional audio & video conversation with the ability to open the door or gate with the press of a button. With our scalable and easy to use platform, your intercoms can be reprogramed easily as your organization changes. Gone are the days of a dedicated master station or office staff having to be present at a desk to handle intercom calls. Unleash the full potential of your team and better secure your entrances with VAHMS Video Intercom.

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