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VAHMS Hosted Access Control

VAHMS Hosted Access Control

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Still Managing Your Own Security? ...There Is A Better Way.

Being responsible for your company’s security is no trivial matter. Protecting people and property, preventing incidents and criminal activity, and observing and reporting on suspicious activities are all in the job description. Backing up servers, updating applications, configuring hardware…well, those may be in the job description also…but they don’t have to be.

VAHMS (Video Access Hosted Managed Services)

VAHMS Access Control helps you improve security and provide employees with peace of mind, without the hassles of administering, maintaining and hosting your own access control.

VAHMS has a full spectrum of access control solutions, ranging from a Hosted model which empowers companies to remotely control their own security tasks in real-time via the Internet, to a Managed solution which turns over all security responsibilities to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), to somewhere in between. Get the solution that's just right for your specific business. This level of innovation translates into significant advantages in flexibility and scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and training costs compared with traditional systems.

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Benefits of a Hosted or Managed Access Control Solution.

  • Improved Infrastructure. The proper infrastructure can be expensive enough with controllers, readers and associated equipment. In addition to the cost of controllers, readers and associated equipment; there is also a cost for IT involvement, PCs, software and OS updates. With VAHMS Access Control you don’t need to bear the added cost of software and operating system updates or IT involvement.
  • No Access Control “Know-How” Required. It takes a lot of time and effort to continually train and support existing and new users on an access control system. Lack of proper training can adversely affect the performance and stability of your solution. A VAHMS Access Control solution virtually eliminates the time and effort needed to continually train staff on an access control system.
  • A System that Works Right because it’s Managed Right. Lack of knowledge can lead to a bloated database and security breaches. Not following best practices can result in the system not working at peak efficiency. Experienced security professionals ensure that your data is maintained and updated to avoid costly inefficiencies.
  • Manpower Expense. In today’s economy, many businesses can’t afford to hire a dedicated person to run the security system. Many times they simply ask a current employee to take it on as a “part-time” job, increasing the possibility of maintenance inefficiencies and security breaches. VAHMS significantly reduces the need for dedicated staff to administer the system. This makes access control more affordable.

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