Wander Management


Scalability, Flexibility and Reliability.

M3T offers senior care facilities and hospitals customized, cost-effective solutions to help protect their residents from the risks of wandering, elopement and other safety concerns. Wander management systems provide freedom and mobility to wandering residents, through proven wireless radio frequency technology that respects the dignity of the individual and enables staff to focus on providing care.

How Wander Management Systems Work.

Every resident requiring wander protection wears a small tag on their wrist or ankle, and every exit point is electronically monitored. Sensors and/or controllers installed at exits sense when a resident approaches and automatically locks the door. If the door is already open an alarm is generated. Elevators can also be monitored to prevent residents from moving from one floor to another. Detailed logs show what time the exit alarm occurred and which staff member assisted. All information is handled by one central system, with a variety of options for notifying staff of alarms and other events.

A Cost-effective and Expandable Solution.

Due to the modular nature of wander management systems, M3T can design and deploy the right solution for your facility – giving you get exactly what you need. These systems can be configured to cover a single door, or an entire facility – continually supervise each tag, or only guard perimeter exits. They can either operate as a stand-alone system or be integrated into a larger system to operate in conjunction with existing access control, magnetic door locks and CCTV equipment. The choice is yours, and you can easily expand or add functionality as your needs evolve.

Wander management systems are designed to provide maximum control of facility exit points while minimizing unnecessary staff interruption.

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