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M3T Corporation is a verified veteran-owned small business (VOSB) by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and has been verified and recognized as a “Small Diverse Business” by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

We are focused on providing our clients with professional security consulting, solution design, and implementation both in the physical and cyber security realms. Our primary operating area includes Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia. We also service select clientele outside this core region.

M3T delivers a variety of world-class integrated security and technology solutions that save businesses valuable time, resources and money. We seek to achieve a genuine understanding of our clients’ needs and provide unbiased, value-added solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our commitment is to reduce costs, increase profitability and mitigate risks while ensuring the security of our client's personnel, property and assets.

M3T Corporation is VOSB Verified

M3T is part of COSTARS

M3T is a participating vendor of GSA Schedule 84.

Contract: GS-07F-5494R.

Purchasing Programs: Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster Recovery Purchasing

As we enter our 16th year of business in 2017, we would like to thank our customers, suppliers and special friends for your partnership, trust and consideration when choosing your security and maintenance provider. We value our customer relationships above all else and we are grateful that you have partnered with M3T Corporation to help your facilities and businesses operate more safely, securely and efficiently. We have an exceptional team that is committed to providing seamless customer service in assisting with your Security Risk Mitigation Program. Our employees take pride in this commitment and understand how important it is to you, our customer and partner.
If you are considering becoming a member of the M3T community as a customer or supplier, may I encourage you to connect with some of our current customers or suppliers. If interested in feedback about our company and the solutions we provide, please email for reference contacts. If you are considering joining our team of M3T professionals, we look forward to hearing from you. We are always in search of individuals with strong leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.
Thank you again to all of those who have contributed to our success in the past and will contribute to our success in the future.

Warmest regards,

John Maffey

M3T Corporation Professionals to attend PSA TEC 2017

May 8th, 2017– For 2017, TEC offers educational programs focused on industry trends and polishing attendees’ business acumen with tracks for procurement/purchasing professionals, and a special learning path dedicated exclusively to recurring monthly revenue (RMR) topics. TEC will also offer new sessions within the core learning tracks designed for sales and marketing, operations, business owners and technical professionals. Key members of M3T’s Management Team, Operations Team, and Technical Team will be attending for the week long session in Westminster, CO.

While M3T Corporation has been an associate member of PSA for over 4 years, in 2016 M3T achieved full “owner” status in PSA due to the importance of its offerings in networking, product acquisition and staff training. We are very excited about our new status and have begun to take full advantage by attending PSA Tec this week.

PSA Security Network is the world’s largest electronic security cooperative, owned by the most progressive security integrators throughout North America. Combined, PSA members boast over 300 branch locations, employ nearly 6,000 security industry professionals and are responsible for over $3.5 billion annually in security, fire and life safety installations. PSA’s mission is to empower its owners to become the most successful systems integrators in the markets they serve. PSA brings this mission to life by partnering with industry leading product and solution providers, delivering unparalleled education and training programs and by offering a variety of distinctive services that can enhance any company’s operations.

M3T Corporation Professionals Present at ISC2 and ASIS Meetings

March 23rd, 2017– At the recent Central PA Chapter meetings for the ASIS and ISC² organizations, M3T professionals were invited to speak on two innovative product categories that soon will be having a major impact on our industry: the advent of smart credentials not just on cards but in mobile devices and the introduction of the nascent IP audio speaker technology.

HID Corporation has launched their SEOS platform of Gen III smart card technology. Unlike platforms in the past, SEOS can be delivered and used from a traditional card platform as well as on a mobile device using a HID created APP. The mobile credential uses Bluetooth transmission to communicate with a compatible reader. Read distances are adjustable for close in or many feet away and with most devices, the device must be unlocked and the APP running for the credential to work. Twisting the phone 90 degrees triggers the read. The same reader can be used for SEOS cards as well as older generation HID credential technologies.

Axis has launched their IP speaker line – the hardware is clean and simple with onboard audio drivers/processors so all you need is a PoE enabled IP connection. Functionality and performance are all being developed as we speak. M3T forecasts the IP speaker applications will have a profound impact on security profiles for both the SMB and enterprise client spaces. The speakers will be able to integrate into existing systems generating output responses based on the form of input. Without human involvement Axis IP speakers can make our security systems much more proactive than they are capable of today. More to follow on this exciting new technology.

M3T Corporation Celebrates 15 Years of Success in 2016

January 3rd, 2017– Unlike startup companies today who can instantly promote their businesses to millions of consumers with a single witty Tweet, hip Instagram photo, or custom Facebook page, the world in which M3T Corporation CEO and founder, John Maffey, started his company was still relatively disconnected. The year was 2001, fifteen years ago, and it was one in which the newly released iPod was easily confused with a nicely shined brick. Even the decade-defining Motorola Razr had yet to be developed. However, although Maffey had none of the technological tools available today, he did not mind the hard work required to start a new enterprise. He vowed he would forevermore play by his own rules, and that in his own business he would always put his clients first. It is a credo that has since shaped almost every aspect of M3T Corporation and continues to drive the company into the future.
Despite all the success the business has seen, M3T has remained true to its original goal of providing the best, most comprehensive support possible to its clients. In fact, that dedication to customer care has allowed the company to amass a vast and diverse clientele list, one of the biggest sources of pride for M3T’s leader. “It’s humbling. We have the trust of some significant organizations who do great work…hospitals, Department of Defense bases, nursing homes, and schools,” says Maffey. The CEO also has another source of pride, or rather twenty-five other sources of pride: each and every one of his employees, who he says make up the “best team I’ve had.” They too share in his passion for customer care and strive to deliver on the expectations of every client, from large enterprises to fellow small and medium-sized businesses like M3T. From the creation of personal relationships with the Sales Team, led by Matthew Seymore, all the way through to integration and installation led by Stacey Bowersox, each employee make the M3T process as smooth as possible for the client.
One of the main ways M3T has and will continue to build on its original business model is, of course, through the use of new technology. With laptops that are thinner than pencils, mobile phones that are basically pocket-sized computers, and virtual-reality glasses, the everyday technology of today turns that of 2001, on its head. The same is true in the field of security. The company’s technology has metamorphosed from physically based security into a sophisticated, largely cloud based network using the VAHMS system. The synthesis of the cloud, coupled with a team of capable technicians who are trained in the most up-to-date technology, makes the company’s solutions more streamlined and easier to service. It is just one way M3T harnesses new technology to bolster its original service model.
Nonetheless, instead of turning to automated responses or computerized apps for service, the company retains a deeply personal level of service thanks to the dedicated M3T team. “Regardless of how the technology works, in my world we still have one overall goal: helping the customer,” says Senior Project Manager, Stephanie Burner. The small nature of M3T has allowed a familial atmosphere to arise within the workplace, uniting the team in many ways and fostering open communication. “The teamwork aspect here is huge,” says Burner, adding that the common goal of helping the client unites the diverse array of personalities in the office. It is this teamwork that has helped the company become “proactive, not reactive” when it comes to customer service, according to Senior Operations Coordinator, Tamara Metcalf. From Jason Elder in the design room to John Robbins in the technical division, the “worlds” in M3T are constantly overlapping, with each team member willing to assist the others. The team’s efforts have clearly paid off given the company’s nearly one-hundred percent client retention rate.
A lot has changed in the world over the last fifteen years, including M3T Corporation. Since 2001, it has continued to explore new technology, promote a healthy esprit de corps among its employees, and maintain its founding principles by always improving its customer care. “I think we’ll always be growing” says Metcalf as she describes even more exciting new changes coming soon to the company. Indeed, M3T has grown exponentially in the last fifteen years, and will continue to do so heading into the future.

M3T Corporation Joins the DAQ ICIDS Team

November 11th, 2016– DAQ Electronics has selected M3T to become an ICIDS Partner in Pennsylvania. M3T’s breadth of technician skills from hardware & communication infrastructure to networks and application software fit well with DAQ’s expectations for successful partners who will provide “seamless customer service” to ICIDS clients. The DAQ software called StarWatch, operates on Mercury hardware, is fully BACnet compatible, and is breaking new ground in building controls and security combined on one UI. Matthew Seymore, M3T’s Design & Accounts Manager says it best: "Clients want their security management software systems to be easy to use, scalable and provide a return to the organization not just in cost avoidance numbers but in measurable, positive ROI."

M3T's VAHMS hosted solution protects customers in the world of IoT

October 4th, 2016– The following headline is not new but will likely only increase in frequency:

Hackers Infect Army of Cameras, DVRs for Massive Internet Attacks From "Hackers Infect Army of Cameras, DVRs for Massive Internet Attacks" Wall Street Journal (09/30/16) Fitzgerald, Drew

M3T's Technical Services team explains that "these types of attacks begin when a client machine is infected over the internet and spreads throughout the rest of the local network, targetting any device that has computational power. However, this means the client must have a direct connection to the devices-- without this, the infection will stop at the PC. VAHMS and hosted solutions like it are uniquely situated to prevent these kinds of attacks by removing the aforementioned connection. Instead, clients connect through their web portals to M3T's data center which means passing through a secure firewall, allowing only a software connection without root access to the hardware itself. Thus, VAHMS devices in the wild are unlikely to be compromised unless M3T's defenses are successfully hacked."

For more information on the record-breaking attack, read the full story here.

M3T Corporation attends the ASIS 2016 Conference in Orlando

September 19th, 2016– M3T personnel attended this conference along with over 22,000 other attendees. Noteworthy exhibits included Axis showing off their continued innovation in cameras designed to be remotely focused and aimed as well as exceptional picture quality in a value priced exterior camera. The smart lock marketplace continues to be one in which manufacturers are investing heavily and providing more flexible and adaptable products. Credential management solutions are demonstrating significant advantages for the enterprise space where large systems interact with significant numbers of user groups and users. The annual ASIS Conference is one of the largest gatherings of security professionals. As in recent past years, ASIS has teamed with ISC2 the leading information security association, to co-host the event.

M3T Corporation to attend the ASIS 2016 Conference in Orlando, FL.

August 22nd, 2016 – The annual ASIS Conference is one of the largest gatherings of security professionals. As in recent past years, ASIS has teamed with ISC2 the leading information security association, to co-host the event. M3T will be sending key leadership personnel to the event to meet with friends, suppliers, and clients. The focus this year will be on locating any new technologies or products that can help our clients to save money – improve risk mitigation – and/or increase efficiencies within their organizations. We also seek out lessons learned and new techniques for implementations that can assist our team members as well as our clients.

M3T Corporation hosts customer meeting with HID on Credential Technology Vulnerabilities

July 21st, 2016 – Hope Gilson, the Regional Manager for HID, led an informative presentation on the various credential technologies and current vulnerabilities, as well as the costs associated with secure credentialing in cards, fobs, and phones. A number of M3T friends and clients attended the 1.5 hour long session held at the M3T Resource Center.

Participants learned:

  • Prox card technology has become easy to duplicate – we will show you how
  • Smart card technologies began in 2003 and now a third generation release is here – this release uses secure credentialing that is applied to the chip on a card OR a smart phone
  • Multi-format readers and compatibility with the prox cards and the now 3 generations of smart cards
  • Pricing for the card and reader technologies and migration paths that take your site from where you are today to where you should be in the future using secure credential technology

If you were not able to attend but would like to learn more about current credential vulnerabilities or new secure credential technologies – and the migration paths from one to the other, contact us here at M3T at

M3T Announces Axis Firmware Service Releases

July 8th, 2016 – M3T’s role as a trusted security partner is not only to deliver a polished security solution but also to support it on site as needed and behind the scenes as the digital world evolves creating new risks and opportunities. With this in mind we alert you to a recent critical security vulnerability that was discovered in some of Axis’ products that are accessible from the Internet.

Axis has published firmware service releases for the majority of the products; see

Axis recommends users to update the affected products' firmware as soon as possible, especially if the products are accessible from the Internet.

We await confirmation from the various VMS companies such as Lenel and Exacq and Genetec that these service releases are approved to run with their software. We do not recommend installation of these service releases until this approval is confirmed.

If your cameras are on the M3T VAHMS platform you need not do anything at this time. Our engineers will be contacting you to schedule downtime for the patch installations. If your cameras are on private networks or VLANS the urgency of patch installation would be based on the accessibility to these cameras via the internet. You may select to install the patches yourself or if you prefer M3T can do these installations for you at your current service rate pricing. Cameras that have been installed in the previous 12 months since July 1, 2016 are still under the M3T workmanship/labor warranty will be patched at no charge if the client requests and provides remote access to their system.

As with most vulnerability patch releases, they are device specific initially and over time the patches are condensed to one or a few patches that fix many devices. The attached link has the list of affected camera models and the specific patch for each.

Please contact with any questions or concerns or to arrange for assistance with the service releases.

M3T Becomes COSTARS Approved

July 5th, 2016 – M3T Corporation has been awarded the prestigious COSTARS designation for a variety of its products and services. This designation includes the entire Axis camera line as well as the M3T VAHMS access control and video offerings. With the COSTARS designation participating government entities, down to the municipal level as well as many school districts, can now easily and quickly meet their security needs with M3T products and services purchased through COSTARS.

M3T Launches

May, 28, 2015 – M3T Corporation is excited to announce the launch of M3T Locksmith is a division of M3T Corporation, providing full service mobile locksmith and security services 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. M3T Locksmith technicians are not just locksmiths, they're highly experienced and certified security experts that are committed to providing only the most affordable and reliable service available in the industry. During the month of June save 16% off any locksmith service - commercial or residential.  GET COUPON »

M3T Recognized as a Small Diverse Business

March, 2015 – M3T Corporation has been verified and is now recognized as a "Small Diverse Business" by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  VIEW »

M3T Verified as a Veteran-Owned Small Business

February 11, 2015 – We are pleased to announce that M3T Corporation has been verified as a Veteran-owned small business (VOSB) by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE).  VIEW »

ControlByNet Partners with M3T to Offer Cloud Video

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 17, 2014ControlByNet, a software development leader in cloud-based video surveillance solutions, announced today a partnership with M3T Corporation to offer Cloud, or hosted, video to its customers.  READ MORE »

25% OFF Service, Parts and Labor

New clients receive a 25% discount off the first service call, including parts and labor.
Contact our Service Manager, Stacey Bowersox for details.

Free AAADM Safety Inspection

Free AAADM with purchase of preventive maintenance – $49.99 value. Contact our Service Manager, Stacey Bowersox or visit our AAADM Inspection page for details.

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Try VAHMS Video as a Service FREE for 60 days with no cost or obligation.  LEARN MORE »

10% OFF Medeco eCylinder Products

Smart Solutions For Real Issues. To place an order or for more information on eCylinder technology, contact an M3T Security Professional.

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M3T Corporation is pleased to offer its White Paper:

Accessing Physical Security via the Cloud versus Traditional Physical Security on the Corporate LAN

In today's business world, access to your data from anywhere is a critical part of fostering business innovation and keeping existing clients moving forward and satisfied. This same concept of access to and speed of data can apply to the physical security systems in your facilities: expanded accessibility of real-time information can enhance the levels of service and value physical security systems & personnel provide to the organization. Physical security is no longer exclusively being accessed locally on the corporate LAN; physical security access has moved to the cloud.  READ MORE »

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System Integration

So much of the typical security integrator profile is grounded in what brands of software they carry or support. At M3T, we think it is far more important to determine what the client wants, what the client needs their system to do, what the client wishes they could change about their current supporting company – than it is to tout the benefits of one software over another.

SMS (Security Management Software) combines badging, access control, visitor management, video, and other applications like intercom or alarm/intrusion into one integrated package. VMS (Video Management Software) typically focuses on video, and there are other types of software with specific application for security. So why one over another? That is where M3T comes in. We feel the lines we have are excellent and carry substantial benefits for the end user if deployed, supported and used properly. But when we ask our clients what do they need/want from their system, it does not matter in the end the brand of software…what matters is the client’s needs being met. M3T ensures that happens by providing either the entire solution or supporting key elements of its deployment or management.

Open a door – view a camera – record a visitor – print a badge. M3T feels our industry has delivered these individual functions very well. But open a door and bring up the camera covering the door and the photo of the badge holder while ensuring the patient wander management or baby tracking system is not compromised – transmit this over a security only LAN or the indigenous company LAN or the internet, tie data into other company operating databases like HR or time and attendance to leverage the card technology, and provide security actionable data/information wherever they are in a secure manner – is where M3T excels.

End users fit M3T when their SMS/VMS systems are mission critical. Is your system mission critical to your organization’s survival and success? Does your organization tolerate system components down or not functioning properly for days on end? Do your security operation centers ignore or just have to “deal with” repeating alarms?

Additionally, M3T offers its robust security and operational enhancement solution VAHMS – a cloud based managed access control and video recording solution that provides clients with low subscription based pricing to achieve high levels of safety and security in their facilities.

Every dollar your company spends with M3T should accomplish one or more of the following for your company: reduce costs – increase profitability – mitigate risk

Hardware Integration

Lock hardware – door hardware. For most companies, these two categories of products were fulfilled by your locksmith or your door hardware providing company. Today, we have electrified locking hardware, secure keying systems, wireless or standalone smart locking hardware, fire doors inspections and standards related to NFPA80/101, and often integration with access control systems or powered pedestrian door operators or sliders. Maybe M3T can help.

As a single firm with expertise and the major hardware brands you know, M3T fulfills client needs by first and foremost determining the needs of the application. In many instances rekeying a building can be less costly than adding card readers – repairing a lock can save money over installing a new unit – or installing a new lock can mitigate risk if an existing lock is not compatible to the local codes for the use of the door.

There are many fine companies that can help you with door hardware or locksmith work. At M3T, we combine these two areas of expertise so your service needs are met in a timely and cost effective manner. Considering wireless access points and wireless locks in your facility? Does your current lock provider have the IT professionals on staff to design and support such a rollout? M3T does.

Every dollar your company spends with M3T should accomplish one or more of the following for your company: reduce costs – increase profitability – mitigate risk

Automatic Access Integration

The fence company installed a gate operator for our parking area – now I need service, who do I call? I need an ADA door opener, I need maintenance on my sliding doors, I have 45 sites across the region with powered doors that need service, who do I call? Our large revolving pedestrian door is in need of repair – who do I call? The employee turnstiles are getting old and worn out – they may need replaced or rebuilt – who do I call?

Our firm needs to be conducting inspections for safety and preventative maintenance on equipment that the public or our employees are exposed to. This includes gate operators to be certified UL321 compliant and inspecting all our powered pedestrian doors to be AAADM certified. This is a safety program – and that means risk mitigation. So who do you call – call M3T. One door: powered operator – wander management system – electric locking – fire system drops – card reader. Who has the know how to take responsibility for that door and be the owner’s representative to the various systems? Call M3T.

Every dollar your company spends with M3T should accomplish one or more of the following for your company: reduce costs – increase profitability – mitigate risk

Technical Services & Cyber Security

Most organizations have solid Information Technology resources already in place; be they indigenous staff or a contracted network services company. M3T’s approach to Technical Service and Cyber Security offerings is to partner with these resources bringing our expertise to The Intersection: the point of interaction between the organization’s private LAN and the internet. In addition to working with our clients’ practitioners, our executive cyber security consulting helps fill the gap between executives that are forced to make decisions about corporate security and these technical experts they oversee. M3T provides unbiased, vendor agnostic consultation services to C-Level executives where appropriate.

Many challenges reside in the intersection: Preparedness and Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Compliance Management, and Information Assurance all utilize The Intersection in some manner. So does the desire to increase staff functionality and customer service with more readily available information and access. All of these needs can lead an organization to overlook or miss compliance, security and performance issues leaving them vulnerable and worst of all, not knowing what normal operations at The Intersection look like.

M3T’s approach is focused on evaluation, remediation and where requested legal review of policies and established protocols in relation to governing standards for a said industry. The solution varies with every client but the consistency from M3T is the solution framework: a Service Support Agreement (SSA) structured to include the necessary products and or services to maintain a client’s intersection posture in the safest and secure mode that their industry standards require and their budget allows. SSA offerings are structured in 3 levels therefore price and service standards are selected by our customers.

Our Security Practitioner staff is experienced and certified in the specific areas at The Intersection.

Finally, M3T’s consultants help clients with the challenges of BYOD (Bring your own device). Managing employee owned devices in a safe and secure manner, protecting company information is not easily accomplished without strict adherence to policies and operational standards. M3T’s staff is well experienced in providing tailored (MDM) mobile device management solutions.

Additionally, M3T offers its robust security and operational enhancement solution VAHMS – a cloud based managed access control and video recording solution that provides clients with low subscription based pricing to achieve high levels of safety and security in their facilities.

Every dollar your company spends with M3T should accomplish one or more of the following for your company: reduce costs – increase profitability – mitigate risk

Service Integration

Implemented solutions inherited by M3T when we are engaged by a client or installed by M3T require service over the life of the products. That is where M3T’s service group shines.

In all our channel offerings: SI, HI, AAC, TS&CS, professional technicians fully trained and properly vetted to work in your facilities are available under the standards of our Service Support Agreements (SSA’s). Price, response and performance levels are selected by the client. Our company vehicles are well equipped with most often required components or parts for the most popular types of hardware solutions. Our warehouse is stocked with additional components and our roster of industry suppliers promptly support our client needs.

Service requires competent repair of course – but it is most important for professional service to be provided with concise and frequent communication with our customers. Listening to their needs, reporting in when we reach the service location and reporting out upon completion. Invoices are provided in a timely manner with concise descriptions of work performed and or components deployed. For our larger clients service reports are provided on a monthly or quarterly basis so they can track budgets as well as equipment performance.

Systems are maintained with proactive maintenance and dashboard metrics allowing our clients to forecast capital expenditures or upgrades well in advance.

If your systems are mission critical – M3T should be your servicing company.

Every dollar your company spends with M3T should accomplish one or more of the following for your company: reduce costs – increase profitability – mitigate risk