The most frequently asked questions of our M3T professionals.

Who is M3T, what is your history?

M3T was founded in 2001 and is a veteran-owned business where 30 percent of the employees are veterans who have served our country. Headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania with a branch location in Virginia, M3T serves five states – Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia.

What experience does M3T have in the security and safety field?

Our M3T team members have been serving the security and safety field for decades. Our experience “in the business” ranges from one to forty years.

Does M3T use their own employees for installation and service, or sub-contractors?

M3T has a complete staff of employees to design, engineer, install, commission, and provide service and support of all of our customers’ solutions.

How does M3T provide service & support to their customers?

M3T has three programs to serve and support our customers and their technology:

  • Continuous Operating Agreement (As-A-Service) – Paying one price for all of your support needs (preventative maintenance, physical in-person service, technology remote service, software/hardware licensing, and upgrades).
  • Service Support Agreement (Service Contract) – A traditional maintenance and service contract on the installed hardware and technology.
  • Pay As You Go Support – Pay for time and materials.

How does M3T sell their solutions and services?

M3T has two alternatives for our customers to acquire their technology solutions:

  • Service Shield (As-A-Service) – Allows our customers to pay (without using CAPEX funding), to use their solutions for five or more years. They can make additions and changes to best utilize the technology and support. It is a rent vs own model (i.e. renting an apartment versus owning a home).
  • Traditional Procurement Purchase – Allows our customers to buy and own their solutions and you can still apply any of the M3T support options to support your technology throughout the years.

What professional certifications and licenses does M3T hold in the security and safety field?

Our team members have attained many of the highest industry certifications available to security and safety professionals:

CPP Certified Protection Professional
PSP Physical Security Professional
PMP Project Manager Professional
PASS Certified, Partner Alliance for Safer Schools
CSEIP Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS
Security+CompTIA Security + Certification

What professional, industry associations does M3T participate in?

M3T participates and is active in these industry and community leading organizations:

ASISAmerican Society for Industrial Security
GSAGeneral Services Administration
IAHSSInternational Association for Healthcare Security and Safety
OVHOperation Veterans’ Hope
PALAPennsylvania Assisted Living Association
PSAProfessional Security Alliance
SIASecurity Industry Association
VALAVirginia Assisted Living Association