Our Relationship Rhythm

Our Products & Solutions

Our Service & Support

  • Continuous Operating Agreement (As-A-Service) – Paying one price for all support needs (preventative maintenance, physical in-person service, technology remote service, software/hardware licensing, and upgrades).
  • Service Support Agreement (Service Contract) – A traditional maintenance and service contract on the installed hardware and technology.
  • Pay As You Go Support – Pay for time and materials.

Methods of Acquisition

  • Service Shield (As-A-Service) – Allows our customers to pay (without using CAPEX funding), to use their solutions for five or more years. They can make additions and changes to best utilize the technology and support. It is a rent vs own model (i.e. renting an apartment versus owning a home).

  • Traditional Procurement Purchase – Allows our customers to buy and own their solutions and you can still apply any of the M3T support options to support your technology throughout the years.