President’s Welcome Letter

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Welcome –
Thank you for your interest in our organization!

2021 was a milestone year for us: we’ve now completed our 20th year of business.

There are many fine people who have contributed to this achievement, including friends and
colleagues and acquaintances.

Our success is grounded in the fact that each professional who has contributed believes that providing our clients with security risk mitigation programs and immediate, efficient support is their calling.

It is an honor to be the trusted partner of so many outstanding organizations.

See below for a more comprehensive display of the reasons for our success:
our Team, our Partners, and our Clients.

This ecosystem of mutually demanding professionals has made us who we are as a company.  

Thank you! We are humbled by the honor of having such fine people on our team and amongst our clients.

For the trust and confidence that each of you have placed in us, I am extremely grateful.

Warmest regards,

John Maffey

11-11-20 - BDG1 - BDGroff - WINNER
9-30-20 - FJT1 - FJTorres - WINNER
9-8-20 - JLC2 - JLCastillo - WINNER
9-28-20 - AWM1 - AWManeval - WINNER
John Maffey
M3T_Virginia Milewski
M3T_Tamara Metcalf
Markus Leogrande
M3T_Staci Eslinger
Steve Nibbelink
Matt Seymore
Tom Beers

10-30-20 - AJE1 - AJEslinger - WINNER
10-21-20 - AWM1 - AWManeval - WINNER
9-29-20 - AJB3 - AJBierbaum - WINNER
9-23-20 - KMM1 - KMMcGowan - WINNER
11-23-20 - FJT1 - FJTorres
9-16-20 - AEM1 - AEMathin - WINNER
8-19-20 - VMM2 - VMMilewski