Service Shield

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What Is Service Shield?

Service Shield, Security Equipment as a Service (SEaaS), is a way to pay for your solution offered exclusively through M3T Corporation. This is an agreement that bundles your solution and support services into a convenient monthly subscription payment.

Key Features

  • Solution Replacement Guarantee
  • Natural Disaster Coverage
  • Bundled Support & Maintenance
  • Financial Benefits
  • Multiple End of Term Options

How It Works

Design & Installation

Our engineers design a security solution that is customized to best meet your requirements. Then our integration team installs the solution at your location.

Service & Support

Don’t worry about the cost of service calls. Ongoing maintenance and support are included in the monthly cost.

Renew or Upgrade

Ensure your technology meets your ever-changing business needs by upgrading at any time during the term.

Is Service Shield Right For You?

The way we buy technology has changed. Service Shield provides peace of mind to grow and evolve your technology as you grow and evolve. This kind of flexibility is ideal for remaining competitive. Whereas, ownership of technology prevents you from being agile in the market because it lacks that flexibility. Owning technology can create a bottleneck in your growth. If you are less concerned about ownership and need to focus on outcomes, access, and usage of your technology, Service Shield is the better way to pay for your technology solutions.