M3T Corporation Warranty Policies

Working with us should be transparent and clear, just like the contract. No hidden fees or charges.

Managed Services Warranty

M3T warrants all labor for 30 days. Materials are warranted for 30 days or for the length of the manufacturer’s warranty whichever is greater. Materials that fail after the 30-day labor warranty will incur labor charges for their replacement regardless of their individual warranty status.

New Project Installation Warranty

12 months on hardware, installation and workmanship after substantial completion

VAHMS Client Owned System Warranty

On-Site equipment purchased from M3T by the Customer will be warranted by M3T for repair or replacement for no more than three years from date of purchase as long as the Customer maintains the M3T VAHMS services and timely payments. Labor is included in year one only. See VAHMS agreement for further details.

M3T Owned System Support

Upon request of the customer, M3T will provide repair of on-site equipment due to normal wear and tear and bear the expense thereof. The expense of all extraordinary service and repair due to alterations in the Customer’s premises, alterations of the system made at the request of the Customer, or made necessary by changes in the Customer’s premises, damage to the premises, or to the security system, or to any cause beyond the control of M3T, shall be borne by the Customer. Any changes to customer’s computer network that effect the systems shall be borne by the customer. See VAHMS agreement for further details.

Managed Services provided by M3T such as preventative maintenance, system/software health checks, software programming/configuration do not carry a warranty.