VAHMS Video Surveillance Benefits

VAHMS (Video Access Hosted Managed Services) Security Cloud is a customizable, cost-effective video surveillance and access control system solution suite that is perfect for organizations of any size. The cloud-based technology improves security and provides peace of mind without the hassle and cost associated with administering, maintaining, and hosting an on-premise access control or video surveillance system.

Video Surveillance

The video surveillance component is the “V” of VAHMS. The VAHMS suite limits your investment to the cameras and an internet connection. Normally, you would also need to maintain the recording and monitoring hardware and software locally. With a simple web browser, security professionals can view one or multiple sites with a single login credential. Recorded video is stored off premise, in the cloud, for the duration of time you specify and is accessible at your convenience from anywhere you have an internet connection. The VAHMS Static Display also allows for simultaneous viewing of up to 12 cameras on the same screen, with still just one login credential.


* Flexibility – Organizations can move, add, or remove cameras to fit their evolving security plans

* Scalability – As the organization grows, whether within the same building, across the campus, or around the world, the cloud-based VAHMS solution removes physical expansion limits and complexity inherent to on-site computer hardware and recording appliance solutions

* User Interface – The user-friendly graphical interface is perfect for every security operator

* Time and Money Savings – By eliminating the storage appliance and on-site software, time and money is not lost to the maintenance of an on-site system. There are no servers to upgrade, power, or cool, nor are there operating system updates and video software platform updates. Likewise, the IT department can focus on core business needs, knowing that the VAHMS solution software and server hardware is eliminated by leveraging the cloud.

* Eliminate Maintenance – With a managed solution, the security integrator handles all firmware and software updates. All server hardware is in the cloud, from the video management software server to the recording appliances. Maintenance is limited to local care of the cameras and network.

* 100% Monitoring – All systems are monitored 24-7-365, providing an increased sense of security and confidence for staff and administrators. This is especially important when there’s not a local security force monitoring the cameras.

* Site Survey – The solution design team performs a comprehensive site survey to uncover vulnerabilities and determine optimal camera deployment for security coverage.

* Installation – The solution installation team has impeccable attention to detail, which ensures proper camera functionality and operation.

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M3T works closely with clients throughout the exploration, design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of the video surveillance portion of the VAHMS solution. M3T Corporation is a veteran-owned small business focused on providing our clients with professional security consulting, solution design, and implementation. We understand the unique needs of our clients and provide unbiased, value-added solutions that are timely and cost-effective.