Protect Your Business from Retail Theft This Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, many retail stores are preparing for an increase in sales and traffic within their storefront. While November and December are a few of the most hectic months for store owners and managers, the holiday season also draws an increase in shoplifting and shrinkage caused by theft.

While shoplifting and shrinkage are not exactly in the spirit of the holidays, it is something that needs to be addressed before your store takes a major loss due to burglary and dishonesty. It’s critical to keep your retail environment safe for your customers and employees, as well as secure for your inventory. Whether you’re the sole proprietor of a single location or you operate multiple stores, chances are you have problems shared by every retail business owner: theft, unexplained inventory shortages, shoplifting, and employee productivity. M3T can assist you in safeguarding against these concerns.

The easiest way to combat these issues is to increase the store’s overall security.

Surveillance Systems

Cameras should not only watch entryways and registers but also be directed toward high-value items and installed in the parking lot. By filming the areas where most theft occurs, it can be both a deterrent and a way to catch shoplifters in the act. By having a security system for your business, you can protect your inventory from theft and employee smuggling.

Public Display Video Monitors

A monitor showing the live views of select cameras has a potent effect on the behaviors of store visitors. They know they are being watched and this helps “deter” shrinkage. The quality and angles of your video surveillance system recordings can help “detect” bad behaviors. In retail, rarely is it possible except for high value smaller items to “deny” attempted theft as the merchandise is almost always accessible to the client.

Wireless Networks

In today’s digital age, is your store’s Internet secure? Within the last few years, more and more people are shopping online and stores are storing private information on computer database. Protect your customers and yourself with having a top-notch secure network.

While there’s no magic solution that can promise to completely prevent theft, there are lots of ways businesses can deter against theft. For many retail businesses, making your store a more challenging and less desirable target is one of the best ways to help prevent against retail crime.

We are a dedicated security and technology provider that understands the specific challenges retail establishments like yours face. Our clients rely on us to equip their stores with proven solutions to help ensure customer and employee security, improve profitability, and significantly reduce theft and inventory shrinkage.

Our team of security professionals have the experience and superior product expertise to help you address your everyday problems effectively and affordably. We know security… You know your business! We’ll listen and work with you to understand your needs, then take an integrated, multi-technology approach to design and deploy a solution that’s built just for you. No business is too small.

At M3T, we offer customized solutions to meet today’s need, scalable for the demands of tomorrow.

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