We Can Help You Better Secure Your Premises to Enhance Safety

Are You Prepared for an Armed Robbery?

A countless amount of hours goes into building, running and maintaining a successful business, organization, or enterprise. However, there are moments where you or your staff cannot be stationed to protect it from the potential villains of the world. But with the power of today’s technology, you can enhance situational awareness and responsiveness to both internal and external threats.

A surveillance system by M3T Corporation can enhance the peace of mind that you need in order to make sure that your customers and employees are in a secure environment and protected from the unknown. No one goes about their day thinking that a crime would be committed, but if a hit-and-run or theft were to occur on your property, you would have information on who is responsible for the crime.

Here are a few tips on how to aid in the security of your building’s premise.

  1. Keep landscaping criminal-proof. The less overgrowth you have, the fewer hiding places people have. Also, poorly kept greenery often hints that you have been neglecting your premises, and tells criminals that you may be neglecting other facets of your business, such as security.
  2. Keep your lighting bright. Common areas, including the parking lot and laundry room, should be well lit. Good lighting is an effective deterrent for unwanted visitors late at night.
  3. Install cameras. If you don’t already have a surveillance system, consider having one installed. Position cameras in areas ideally with good lighting, even though today’s cameras have excellent low light images. Focus on main entryways, parking lots, elevators and other common areas. Check cameras periodically to keep them in working order and to ensure they are properly recording.

Looking for a low maintenance security system that comes with a high quality service? VAHMS or Video Access Hosted Managed Services Security Cloud brought to you by M3T Corporation is a customizable, cost-effective video surveillance and access control solution that is perfect for organizations of any size, and particularly, multi-site and multi-tenant enterprises. The cloud-based technology improves security and provides peace of mind without the hassle and cost associated with administering, maintaining, and hosting an on-premise access control or video surveillance system.

A video surveillance system should support a layered approach where each of the boundaries that exist on a property is representative of a point to create situational awareness. The VAHMS solution helps create that situational awareness at the edge of the property line, at the perimeter of the building, at the perimeter of the parking lot and inside the building perimeters as well. It is important for organizations to utilize tools to give them awareness of the status of their respective perimeters, so they have as early a warning, or notice, as possible.

M3T Corporation helps organizations define those perimeters and create the most adaptable and easy to use tools to provide situational awareness so that they can run their organizations in a safe and secure manner.

Want to learn more about the different types of services that can be included in your customizable security system? Contact M3T Corporation today to discuss your security’s needs.