Smarter Business: Ongoing Sharing of Information

“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.” – Samuel Johnson

Business relationships are the connections made between parties engaging in an exchange sequence. Some parties use a sequence that is simply transactional, where the exchange occurs, and no further interaction ensues. This type of interaction is very topical, meaning that the need of one party was met and the other was compensated for fulfilling that agreed upon need. This leaves the two parties in a situation where they are no longer actively benefiting from each other and effectively puts an end to their current relationship. On the other hand, you can have a sequence that is ongoing. This occurs when where engaged parties make their exchange and keep an open line of communication to extensively facilitate that exchange and foster continued interaction. This sequence creates an active channel that allows for information to be exchanged freely over the life of the relationship rather than just at times of transactions. This benefits business by creating a deeper pool of knowledge that is conducive for more informed decision-making.  

Here at M3T Corporation we prefer to build ongoing relationships. These are with our clients, our manufacturing partners, and within the industry working groups to which we belong. We value all our relationships and strive to provide a reliable sense of security in everything we do. We aim to accomplish this by consistently being excellent communicators through listening and transparency, as well as our unwavering promise to always put our words to action.  

Some of The Ways We Do It

  • Every member of our staff putting others first in all our relationships (Even Internal)
  • Account managers assigned to each client that connects with them at least once every quarter to check in, review their needs and update them as to any industry changes and/or products
  • Weekly blog posts from our staff
  • White papers and other articles pertaining to our industry

Make Business SMARTER!!

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Dave Bishop

Account Manager