What is Uncertainty Avoidance?

“Uncertainty always creates doubt, and doubt creates fear.” – Oscar Munoz

Uncertainty Avoidance was first researched by Dutch social psychologist Geert Hofstede in the 1960’s. A former military man, Hofstede was esteemed for his work with IBM in a study that analyzed how national/cultural differences directly affect business behaviors. The concept of Uncertainty Avoidance (UA) deals with a society’s tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity, their search for an absolute truth. It indicates how cultures or organizations program themselves to feel about unstructured situations. These unstructured situations involve the unknown, unsuspecting events, or things altogether different from the usual.

Research shows that different groups are trained to have different levels of comfort with uncertainty. The research shows that groups with high UA cultures tend to make decisions based off experience. While groups with low UA cultures are more comfortable taking risk and facilitating the adoption of new practices. Examining United States UA level of 46 and comparing it to Spain UA level of 86, there is an interesting correlation in crime and accident statistics in each country: the US having a Crime Index 46 compared to Spain’s 31 as compared to the US having accidents being responsible for 6% of all deaths compared to Spain’s 2.8%. This is not to say that the United Sates and Spain are comparable on every level. Uncertainty avoidance is not only about the reluctance to take risks but the active prevention of risk being present. As a corporation, M3T prides itself on promoting and providing high levels of uncertainty avoidance through all our actions.

M3T’s Mission to Promote and Provide Uncertainty Avoidance

Loyalty – We strive to build and retain trusting relationships with everyone we encounter. We achieve this by promoting unwavering accountability and protection in every aspect of what we do. As well as provide excellent care and transparency to our customers; by listening selflessly and responding with nothing but 100% honesty. While we have our expertise in Security Solutions, NOBODY knows your business better than YOU.

Diligence – Here at M3T we believe the job is never done when dealing with any client or any situation. We strive to provide lasting and proactive solutions to our customers.  When we attain our goal, we shall raise our expectations; when we fall short, we shall rise up and try again.

Foundation in Conventional Ideology through Innovation – Innovation is something we strive for here at M3T, this is something we try to create within the framework of our existing products. Finding new ways utilize proven products gives our customers and ourselves familiarity as well as increased value.

Planning/In-House Testing – With every project that comes through our organization the hardware/software is tested in house to completely familiarize our staff with the equipment as well as ensure its compatibility with our clients needs. This takes the guessing out of any plan and effectively eliminates wasted time and/or resources.

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