Account Management : Cultivating Client Relations

“Business is personal and Relationships do matter.”Morag Barrett

The sharing of information and knowledge with our M3T Clients and Contacts is imperative to the sustainability and growth of our company. Consistent and effective communication in all types of relationships is a component for growth. Particularly relationships where each party is dependent on the other. Some of the ways we here at M3T are committed to communicating and sharing information with our clients is by utilizing our Account Management Team.  We commit to our clients in the following ways:

  • One of the members of our Account Management team will be assigned to each customer, making sure we are focused on meeting all service needs and expectations.   
  • Our Team will be proactive in communicating with our clients as often as possible
  • Our Account Managers are here to listen to our clients. 
  • Our Team is committed to being honest and trustworthy.   
  • Our Account Manager will timely and professional respond to inquiries, concerns, and requests 
  • The Account Management team will be in the field daily to have face to face trainings, demonstrations, follow up meetings, and genuine client interaction. 
  • The team is committed to keeping up with our client’s business, developing a partnership, to make sure that we are evolving with the needs of our customer.    
  • Sometimes mistakes will happen.  With our Account Management team being available to communicate on the client’s behalf to all our internal departments, we can quickly find out where we fell short, find a resolution, and make a commitment to rectify the situation so we can all move forward. 
  • Our Account Managers will keep up on industry trends, standards, and requirements, so we can effectively serve our clients
  • The Account Managers will continue to listen and learn from our clients so M3T can continue to be the security consultants that our clients have grown to expect.

Robin Orlando

Account Manager