How Trust Helps Maintain Relationships

“Trust is built with consistency.” – Lincoln Chafee

How many of you can say you’ve experienced trust issues at some point in your life – whether it was personal or work-related?  We are all humans who feel emotion and trust is one of the most crucial building blocks of maintaining a relationship. At M3T Corporation our team believes to gain business, we must develop a transparent relationship with all clients, and to keep the relationship going like any other relationship, we must be consistent.

Here at M3T Corporation, we created a way to provide consistent customer service in a timely manner by assigning an Account and Project Manager to each client. This delivers undivided attention to the client by allowing the Account Manager to focus and listen to their needs/expectations and transferring the information to the Project Manager so the client’s expectations are met, and allowing M3T to report back to the client in a timely manner.  The Account Manager also will pop in onsite from time to time to follow up with the client, allowing them to meet face to face, and address any concerns or provide feedback. Because the client is assigned to one representative rather than multiple members of a team, it builds the trust of communication where communication cannot be lost or mislead. With this structure, we believe this may help build the relationship to connect with the customer one on one.

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Aimee Mathin

Account Manager