As recent times have shown us things don’t always go as planned.  But this can occur anytime with projects, whether it be a physical structure challenge that we find during installation or technical issues with a network.  However, these challenges can be overcome and used as learning tools for us and our clients in the future.  When we face these the first step we take is to fully identify the scope of what we are running into and working with our teams to overcome it. 

Over the past several months as our world has faced a new challenge with COVID-19 we have been able to adapt internal processes and products that we offer.  Working and communicating with our clients we have been able to discuss their concerns and their needs then worked on solutions for them.  From broadcast cameras used to stream services from places of worship to touchless door operators that can be used by any installation to eliminate the need for someone to physically touch a door to open or lock it.

I believe one of the most exciting new initiatives that we have undertaken is our security as a service solution.  No longer is there a need for an organization to do a complete full-price purchase of their security needs whether it be cameras, card access, or other solutions we provide.  For eligible clients, we can now resolve their security needs and do so in monthly payments over several years which then includes future upgrades for their technology.  

If you would like to know more about what we can do for you or share some of the challenges you have faced please contact us at

Dave Bishop

Account Manager