We Can Certainly Use Some Friendly Interactions

One of my favorite experiences to reflect upon happened a long time ago, in 1989, while I was in a school in the Army. I wanted to believe that I was some kind of hard charger who could meet the standards of the school on my own. The truth is, I was lost and knew very little about what was needed to succeed. My bunkmate Tim, I soon figured out, was squared away six ways from Sunday as he had already been in the Army for 5 years, while I was working on my 5th month. I do not recall just how Tim and I began – but I do know that he encouraged me, was kind in assisting me, and in many ways was the main reason I was able to make it through the school. Tim and I came from different worlds separated by nearly 10,000 miles.

I went on to spend just under 5 years in the Army. The hardest things that were accomplished were always accomplished by a team, not one person. In 1993, I joined a new team at a paper processing plant. Again, the tough start to relations and then over time showing kindness, caring, and concern, progress was made. I seem to have lived that sequence in most of my life, not smart enough to learn from it and just start kind and friendly.  Tim and I are again about 10,000 miles apart but we have shared many of life’s experiences and remain closely connected.

Acts of friendliness create a quietly powerful rhythm in lives that reverberates outward, able to be absorbed by those willing to feel it. Let’s hope and pray that we can get that rhythm emanating again across our cities and our country in such a manner that all can feel it and be touched by it.

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John Maffey, CPP, PSP